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“Es Possible” – The French Face-to-Face Local Module on Youth Participation

25th June 2020 Off

*Click the link below to download the programme feedback in French: As a part of Partibridges face-to-face module, the French team organised a week immersion programme back in February 2020, namely “Es-Possible”. Bringing the topic of youth participation spaces in priority neighbourhood, the module was designed to explore not only the theoritical aspects of participation,…


EKSI 25 Training on Youth Rights and Social Participation in Eskisehir, Turkey

24th April 2020 Off

Back in February 2020, EKSI 25 organised a training on democratic rights, legal means and social participation mechanism. Specifically, it was dedicated to voluntary students with the objective to raise young people’s awareness on the government structure, civil rights, legal recourse mechanisms, and the various forms of participation in social life. As an active youth…


Partibridges’ Training Module on Youth Participation in Yeditepe University

20th January 2020 Off

As a partner university of Partibridges Erasmus+ Project, the Sociology Department of Yeditepe University has successfully completed a 5-week training module, which included a variety of headings, such as social integration, empowerment, democratic rights and citizenship. The module was carried out in interactively incorporating various pedagogical tools. Through group discussions and activities, games, and arts…


Partibridges’ Participation at the Workshop of Youth in Transversality, Transformations and Transitions (JETTT)

16th December 2019 Off

The 4th Workshop of Youth in Transversality, Transformations and Transitions were held from 11th to 13th December 2019 in Rennes. This workshop is organized under a project called JETT (Jeunes en transversalité, transformations et transitions) led and hosted by EHESP, aimed at conducting a research action to develop integrated local policies of youth in three…


Partibridges’ Transnational Meetings and Training Activities in Rennes

18th November 2019 Off

The Transnational Meetings and Training Activities of Partibridges were held consecutively from 2nd to 8th of November 2019 in EHESP Rennes. It was an intense one week program with fruitful discussions, training activities, and sharing of best practices among members of the project. 28 participants coming from 4 different countries (France, Portugal, Turkey and United…


Soon..Partibridges’ Transnational Meeting and Training Activities in Rennes

20th October 2019 Off

Participants from four countries (France, Portugal, Turkey and UK) involved in the Partibridges project will take part in the Transnational Meeting and Training Activities, to be held from 2 to 8 November at EHESP in Rennes. The meeting is aimed at coordinating, sharing pedagogical experiences and evaluating all related aspects of the implementation of the…


Collaboration, Creativity and Complexities Conference 2019

23rd September 2019 Off

Alexandre Pais from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) had an opportunity to present Partibridges, during the Collaboration, Creativity and Complexities Conference (CCC) held on June 26th-27th 2019. This event was hosted by the Manchester Centre for Youth Studies, the Education and Social Research Institute and the Faculty of Health, Psychology and Social Care at MMU. The…