Objectives :

Partibridges is an initiative led by four Universities, three of which have led the Horizon 2020 research project Partispace conducted between 2015 and 2018 about styles and spaces of participation of young people from 15 to 30 years-old in eight European cities.

The results show that participation is to be understood in a broad and evolving view. Young people mainly participate to develop skills, to become part of a group, of an environment, to be able to act on it and find a place in an anxiety-inducing society. The need to support the learning spaces of young people in their diversity, to recognize and integrate the practices and various experiences of youth participation, but also those of public and associative actors is tangible. There is also a growing interest of students for active or inverted pedagogies and the need for dialogue with actors from the field in addition to more theoretical approaches. The proactive approach of youth actors and emerging associations led by young people in our territories is an opportunity for the further development of general improvement of education.

Taking into account the above mentioned issues, and placing higher education as a tool of participatory and inclusive process, Partibridges brings together universities and youth associations in four cities: Rennes (France), Eskisehir (Turkey), Lisbon (Portugal) and Manchester (UK).
The general objective is to develop closer cooperation between higher education, youth workers and young people with low educational background.

In the frame of the project, the participants are teacher-researchers from the Universities, volunteer students in each of them, youth professionals representing the associations and young volunteers who are part of the associations.

The first production will lead to the development of a pedagogical module on social and civic participation of young people in Europe. This module will firstly be developed at national level and then developed at transnational level for ECTS certification.

The second production aims to develop and support action-research project in each of the cities. This process will lead to a collective production of a web-documentary and a methodological guide on action-research with young people.

The project methodologies are part of the active education field and collaborative research practices that might play an active role, particularly in dialogue with the least integrated and heard young people. The productions will be developed by youth professionals, researchers and young students or volunteers.

The expected impact of Partibrigdes is at different levels:
-to develop the training offer for students and professionals
– to develop skills to support participation processes
– to strengthen cooperation between formal and non-formal education
– to develop collaborative approach as a teaching tool to support participation of young people

Meetings and training activities

January 2019 : KICK OFF Meeting – Manchester, UK

November 2019 : Meeting and training – Rennes, FRA

October 2020 : Meeting and training – Lisbon, POR

January 2021 : Meeting and training – Eskeisehir, TUR

July 2021 : Final Meeting – Brussels, BEL