We talk a lot about "hope" especially in this challenging time. But did you know what "Educated Hope" is all about? find out more the European Modul on Youth Participation on this topic prepared by Turkish Team : #Partibridges #ErasmusPlus #youthwork


Did you get the chance to watch our web documentary on Participative Action Research ?
It is available here :

Glad to announce that our Methodological Guide on Participatory Action Research is available online! Feel free to share: Thanks to all the participants for your contribution #ErasmusPlus #youthparticipation

Last week we held our last transnational meeting, concluding three years of collaboration.
Thanks again to all of you for your energy, your ideas and all the exchanges we had !
#ErasmusPlus #youthparticipation

The Eskisehir team organized a local dissemination event to present Partibridges and its productions!
You can find more information here :

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