Today at 10.45 in the lifecourse/@BSAYouthSG at #britsoc22 I’ll be presenting research from 2 PAR projects with YP @PARTISPACE @partibridges ‘Learning to participate; configuring borders of recognition in rendering young people (in)visible.’ @ESRI_mmu

[INTERNATIONAL] Souvenez-vous... En octobre 2021, 1 équipe #ErasmusPlus interviewait nos équipes @EHESP pour les #ErasmusDays2021. Nos projets européens @partibridges & @Participa_TIC étaient à l'honneur ! Merci @ErasmusplusFR pour ce coup de projecteur

Check out the short clip of #Erasmus Days organized by @EHESP where we had a chance to present @partibridges project :

Empowering young people to have their voice heard

Dr @HarrietRowley1 shines a spotlight on how the @partibridges project is engaging young people to have their voice heard and participate in decisions that affect them.

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