"What spaces of participation for youth living in a priority neighbourhood?" This question was at the heart of "Es Possible", the French team face to face Partibridges' module co-developed by @ehesp @KeurEskemm & GPAS, back in February this year


Back in February this year, @eksi25dernegii as one of @partibridges partners organized a series of training on Youth Rights & Social Participation. Check out here for more: #youthparticipation #ErasmusPlus #youthrights #socialinclusion


PART 2/2 : @WilliamHarang, Director of EHESP's Pedagogical Support Center @ehespCApP explaiend briefly on how to use the game card as a pedagogical tool to understand the E-Learning construction @EHESP #partibridges #ErasmusPlus #elearning

PART 1/2 : The following short video resumes perfectly the core of @partibridges project, presented by Céline Martin-Pedagogical Coordinator, during the "CApPuccino" event at @EHESP @ehespCApP #partibridges #ErasmusPlus

Have a look at Partibridges Workshop on Social Integration in Eskisehir Trukey, organized by @tepebasibeltr. A very fruitful day of discussions, sharing ideas & interactive learning space. Here for more: #youthparticipation #ErasmusPlus #eskisehir

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