PT – Sequence 2 : Collaborative Methodologies

Hello, in the previous video we present a little of the Associação de Pesca Artesanal Local (ALA-ALA) and Arte Xávega, from the perception and knowledge of the members of this association. In the next video, we will present a little of the Ocean Literacy Observatory (OLO) and the methodological approach adopted by it. You will be able to watch a conversation between academics, who point out the need to create moments of openness and encounter for the plurality of knowledge and that the civil society itself must contribute to the investigative process.

Also, the researchers addressed some aspects that they consider positive and some difficulties about this methodological approach and about the Partibridges project in Portugal.

Before watching the video, we would like to invite you to ask yourself “what is the role of science?

Reflect for a few seconds and enjoy the activity!

Don’t forget to put the English subtitles (bottom right corner).

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