PT – Sequence 2 : Collaborative Methodologies

Hello, in this video you can learn a little more about the Associação de Pesca Artesanal (ALA-ALA), a Portuguese partner in the Partibridges project. A little bit of the association’s history, its objectives and the relationship with the academy and the Partibridges project will be presented. Arte Xávega will also be presented, a traditional fishing art and listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, which has suffered from the lack of participation and visibility in local fishing policies and regulations.

Thus, the exclusion and lack of participation of artisanal fishermen in the decision-making spheres, has contributed to the marginalization of the activity, and consequently of the local fishing class. The difficulties that arise with this activity, then, reflect on the lack of interest of young people to continue in this activity. Therefore, as you can see, there has been a decrease in the number of fishermen over the past few years, making it necessary, more than ever, to open spaces for dialogue and the participation of young fishermen.

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