UNITED KINGDOM – Exploring Youth Participation

Welcome to this e-training unit on youth participation in Europe : Exploring Youth Participation.


  1. To be able to posit youth participation amidst contemporary societal arrangements
  2. Become aware of the most important critical developments concerning youth participation
  3. To address issues pertaining to the relation between young people and adults in different settings of youth participation
  4. To explore instances of youth participation and youth work
  5. Become aware of issues concerning inclusivity and the role of the youth worker


You’ve just watch a short video introducing the module. If you haven’t already watched it, please do so to have an overview of what your work will be.

The completion of this module will indicates that you become aware of some of the most important issues pertaining to youth participation and youth work, by discussing elements from youth research; by addressing instances of youth participation involving activities developed by the Youth Focus Northwest; and by exploring some of the important challenges involved in youth work.

The Module includes the watching of short videos, the reading of parts of important texts, and a couple of evaluation tools (quizzes and other games) to test your knowledge of the activities developed in the Module.

The Module is divided in 5 parts. The first three parts are based on the watching of a set of 3 videos (divided in 6 subparts). These videos include the presenter’s speech, as well as the power point slides used in the presentation. You can choose to highlight one or the other. For each of the three videos, there is a short quiz to test your knowledge. The final two parts provide an overview of youth participation and youth work in England. You will be asked to explore a set of powerpoint slides, listening to audio records and watch videos. You will also need to do a couple of brief readings, in order to address two evaluative exercises.

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