PT – Sequence 3 : Common Knowledge

Hello, welcome to the last sequence of this module. In this sequence, we will present some results that we have obtained so far, based on the methodological approach adopted in the Partibridges project. You will also be able to perceive that the opening of spaces for the effective participation of citizens and communities becomes intrinsic to the formation of more just and equitable societies and territories.

In the next video, it will be demonstrated the capacity, of the citizens and of the whole civil society, to contribute with their knowledge, to participate effectively in proposing changes to their social environment.

Images will be presented that refer to the application of the co-constructed face-to-face teaching module in Portugal, in which the educators were also members, members external to the academy, among them members of the Associação de Pesca Artesanal Local (ALA-ALA), local residents and national and international technicians.

Another moment in the video, which we would like you to pay attention to, is the presentation of a Community Assembly idealized and carried out by the members of ALA-ALA, based on the Action Research (PAR) process driven by the Partibridges project. In this Assembly, it was sought to bring together mainly young local fishermen, in an attempt to debate the needs of local fishing and to co-construct a Community-based Collective Agenda – in which these needs were ranked. This Agenda allows a materialized product to be used to deepen the debate, but also to be presented to the responsible institutions. In addition, it contributes to the strengthening of critical and systematic thinking, to empowerment and, in this specific case, to the increased participation of young local fishermen in favor of their own activity.

Enjoy it!

Don’t forget to put the English subtitles (bottom right corner).

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