FR – Sequence 1 : Which conditions for which participations?

Welcome to this first sequence of this unit of e-training on youth participation in Europe!

Before you start, we invite you to play a little game.

Classify these images by dragging them to either the “Participation” or “Non-participation” side.

(Attention, for this to work you must move the images at least a little)

Not easy to choose? 

Neither do we… Indeed we believe that all these images can represent participation, in different forms!

Participation is often at the heart of the concerns with a main issue: How to get young people involved?

We suggest you approach things in a slightly different way!

Let’s take as starting point the idea that participation can take place everywhere, everyone participates in her/his own way, more or less within pre-established frameworks. There would therefore not be a single form of participation but many, which are more or less legitimised in public discourse.

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