European Conference  “KA2 NOW – Innovation in Youth Work”

European Conference  “KA2 NOW – Innovation in Youth Work”

March 6, 2019 Off By PARTIBRIDGES

From 20 to 22th February 2019 in Berlin (Germany), Elizabeth Harding from Youth Focus North West charity, had the opportunity to present Partibridges during the European Conference KA2 NOW – Innovation in Youth Work.

It was the first conference in the history of Erasmus+ Youth in Action, to bring together different actors representing innovative KA2 projects in the youth field. Berlin was the place to discover many of these projects and their results, to share experiences, listen to speakers, to disseminate results and network with others.

It was an opportunity to hear about over 30 projects, learn from them and share experiences. Individual projects were presented in the marketplace among them Partibridges. Many issues have been raised among them how the KA2 programme could be improved moving forward? what is good about it? how it could be made easier to use? how to build existing successful practice rather than discarding it?

The event was the opportunity to talk to projects about Partibridges and how Youth Focus North West were approaching the work with our partners on the Partibridges project.